Dr. Steinarsson was great in resolving my pain. He was very personable and was truly concerned about my well being. I would strongly recommend him to everybody.

- Jerry K

I met Gunnsteinn at the local gym, where we begin to work out together. During this time, he shared with me his holistic approach to optimal health and fitness and recognized how I could benefit from chiropractic care.  I became his patient and very quickly reaped the benefits of his care.  He corrected the lifting imbalances I had been experiencing at the gym and kept my spine and joints in great condition. I am so impressed by his empathy and care for his patients.  For years I had avoided chiropractic care but finally at the age of 53, I recognized the benefits of his holistic and compassionate care.  I highly recommend him! 

- Stan R.

After having injured myself more often than I can count - including a broken skull, broken vertabrae and three slipped discs in my spine before the age of thirty - this exceptional professional and incredible human being came to my aid. With his precise methodology and accurate application, he single-handedly transformed my life and dramatically increased the quality of my life.
I tried surgery, acupuncture, physiotherapy, pain-killers and everything I could possibly think of, but his treatment was the only method of treatment that proved to have any lasting success for me.
Thank you for taking such good care of me. You are amazing.

- Þorvaldur A.

I highly recommend anybody to Dr Gunnsteinn. He always has the best in mind for his patients.  From my February auto accident, he rehabilitated me in just over half the time that doctors expected. He is very conscientious towards his clients needs and takes the approach that his job is to fully rehabilitate you only in the time that is needed (unlike most practices that stretch the service out over time for more money). 

He is technically very, very sound and has very thorough knowledge.  He always informs patients of options to consider to improve their condition outside of the chiropractic office! This is very rare, even among top of the line chiropractors. 

Another aspect that I like about his services is his optimistic personallty. Literally, his personality motivated me, made me smile/laugh, when I had enormous spinal damage. I can not say how much this helped me. This is next to unheard of, even though most doctors do care. 

He is totally off the charts in his technical abilities, understanding how the human body relates to the spine, and I found his personality to me a significant motivating factor in the healing process. With Dr Gunnsteinn, you are just not a number.

Thank you!!!

- Greg H.

I suffered a disc herniation after a motorcycle accident. The neurologist and orthopaedic surgeon told me that a surgery was going to be necessary. The back of my shoulder and tricep muscle on my left side had atrophied significantly and my arm strength was 50% gone. Dr. Gunnsteinn didn't promise anything but was optimistic chiropractic would help. He carefully examined my neck and took several X-Rays. We began treatment and after only a handful of visits I could feel my strength improving and the neck pain and numbness in my arm was completely gone after the first month. A couple months later I had full arm strength and no neck pain and today I have completely recovered!

- Harry S.

I met Dr. Steinarsson for the first time in 2012 when I had my first chiropractic treatment. I was seriously impressed how professional and knowledgeable guy he is and how easy it was for me to trust him with my issues.
For me as a pro golfer, chiropractic treatment and Dr. Steinarsson helped me out great time and I will be forever thankful to Dr. Steinarsson for his excellent chiropractic care.

- Magnus L.

Dr. Gunnsteinn is one of the best chiropractic doctors I've been to. He helped to relive the pain in my lower back that I'd had for way too long. He also remedied my husband's tendonitis and my daughter's bouts with silent migraines. He's very engaging and truly cares about each patient. He takes the time to listen to you and educate you in all aspects. I can't say enough good things about him! My family and I are forever grateful for his help in getting us all feeling better again!

- Lynn Y.

Many chiropractors I've tried rush into their standard back popping routine without analyzing the root cause of the problem. Not so with Dr. Steinarsson. He does a thorough evaluation and tests followed by targeted adjustments combined with life style and movement recommendations. His holistic approach to my problems has made a big difference. No more pain and my mobility is back to normal.

- Peter H.

Chiropractors have always kind of made me uneasy, the twisting and popping can be nerve wracking, but Nordik is the exception. He puts you at ease and talks you through every move. I genuinely felt like he cared beyond just having me as a patient and took an active interest in my lifestyle. I appreciate your passion for what you do!

- Chelsea S.

Began treatment end of May 2015 due to serious auto accident which caused impaired movement in neck, back, hip, arm and taking T3 for pain. Dr. Gunnsteinn took a lot of time examining me as well as asking about my life in general during the initial visit. He has a great positive attitude and has the knowledge which he explains in simple terms how things are interconnected while treat the muscles and bones. There is no rush during treatment which was extremely effective managing the pain and restoring flexibility. Unlike assembly line doctors Dr. Gunnsteinn actually cares about his patients and what is important to them.

- Harry M.

I had two neck injuries in the past year and I thought it wasn't something that was going to be repaired by a Chiropractor but after a thorough consultation, examination and aggressive treatment by Dr Gunnsteinn I'm no longer in pain and can sleep normally at night now I'm deeply appreciative of his help!

- Egill G.

I went to see Dr. Steinarsson after I began to have terrible headaches. he discovered I had two herniated disks in my neck and was able to treat me and eliminate the headaches in just a few short visits, I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a quality/trustworthy chiropractor.

- Optima F.

Nordik's chiropractors are completely focused on healing, not adjusting...something I completely appreciate. I would recommend these guys to anyone.

- Jason S.

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