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The Gonstead system has only one purpose, and it is the finding and correction of a spinal subluxation, helping you get rid of whatever ailments or "dis-ease" you are experiencing. Only by finding the root cause of any problem can we resolve it. Dr. Steinarsson practices the Gonstead Method exclusively, and is the only Gonstead Chiropractor in the Jupiter area and one of only a handful in the state of Florida. Dr. Steinarsson has had over 200 hours of conference training on the Gonstead Chiropractic Technique.  

"Our body has the innate ability to heal itself from within when the spine is properly aligned, without any nerve interference from the brain and spinal cord, through the spinal nerves, to every gland, muscle, organ and cell in the body. The nervous system controls every single function in your body."

Gonstead is the pinnacle standard in providing hands-on-specific chiropractic adjustments and allows Dr. Steinarsson to be very specific with the care he provides.

The belief behind this proven technique is that a pair of skilled chiropractic hands with the help of full spine X-Rays, is the best way to analyze and correct spinal misalignments. We use no adjunctive services to help speed or slow the process of what your body can naturally do for itself.

Dr. Steinarsson is able to feel exactly where subluxations are located, confirm his findings with weight bearing full spine, digital X-rays, apply the appropriate amount of gentle force, and actually feel the movement of the vertebrae or joint. Adjustments are very specific and adjusted to meet your individual needs.

Six Criteria for Analysis

  1. X-Rays – Essential full-spine digital x-rays of the spine are used to provide an accurate postural analysis, showing problems other than chief complaints. We specifically analyze these x-rays to be used at each visit.
  2. Motion Palpation – This “hands on” technique precisely pinpoints problematic areas and is use to determine fixations or “stuck joints” and their range of motion.
  3. Static Palpation – Using light touch to identify chronic versus acute areas as well as minute changes in the tissue and muscles.
  4. Instrumentation – A bilateral Nervoscope measures temperature along the spine to point out areas of inflammation and nerve pressure. It is used each visit to allow us to focus on the true problems rather than treating symptoms.
  5. Visualization – A visual analysis of the body formation, posture, structure and gait.
  6. Case Management – We use a proven system that specializes in finding the underlying cause to develop a road map for corrective care and to maintain both structure and function of the spine and nervous system.

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  • "Fixed my neck and shoulder in 2 sessions, he's a miracle worker. Very proffesional, nicest guy you'll ever meet! Compassionate, knowledgeable and pedagogical. Highly recommended!"
    Robert B. Jupiter, FL

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